Friday, April 26, 2013

Jacque Jones

In 2006 the Cubs signed a new outfielder, formerly of the Twins, Jacque Jones. For whatever reason, there was a fun and spirited rivalry between the tartan-clad Picts and the flannel-wearing Rebels during Nick's first tenure in the league. (Even today, with Nick running the Beatniks, there is still the rivalry between the mockturtlenecked-square sunglasses-beret wearing Beatniks and the [still] flannel-wearing Rebels).

At the draft the showdown took place as the Picts and Rebels had interest in Jones. During the bidding, Nick tried some intimidation to wrest away Jones from the Rebel outfield. "What" you say? You don't believe it? Well we have video. It's quick, but you will notice Nick doing a dramatic handswish that the Rebels took as a threat. A threat they would not back down from. Let's go to the tape.


  1. One of my favorite draft day moments. A name like Jacque on the marquee puts cheeks in the seats. Don't tell me attendence at that fleabag stadium you Rebels play in didn't double that year.

    I think, as a Beatnik, this time around I'd have gone to at least twenty cents. Jacque in tartan? Not so much. Jacque in a beret and turtleneck? A season for the ages.

  2. You cut me to the quick. I will have you know that we do NOT have fleas in Confederate Park. We've worked very hard on that. A few stray huntin' dogs? Sure, that's natural. But no fleas.