Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fox for Jimenez - Captured!

Eleven years ago on this date, in 2002, Tenacious B and Dem Rebels teamed up on a deal that’s gone down in CFCL history. Not because of the players involved, nor its impact on the standings, but because it was the only trade in CFCL history to be captured on film.

It was the month of the trading deadline in 2002, and the producers of Trading the Gator had been anxious about recording trade talks – and hopefully the consummation of a deal – for the documentary.

   Note: See this post for the background on the CFCL’s involvement in Trading the Gator.

They had recorded some general discussions between the Lambchops and Da Paul Meisters, though things didn’t get beyond the kicking-some-names-around stage. The also filmed a number of owners who had gathered at a sports bar to watch the All Star Game, but no trade discussions took place (and the background noise in the bar made the footage unusable).

Eventually, the producers arranged to be present on both ends of a phone call during which Dem Rebels and Tenacious B completed this blockbuster:

TENACIOUS B trade Jose Jimenez and their 13th round Rotation Draft pick in 2003 to DEM REBELS for Andy Fox.

The straight forward Saves for Steals swap paid off better for Tenacious B than for the Rebels. Post-trade stats:

Fox: .257 BA – 3 HR – 17 RBI – 11 SB
Jimenez: 4.00 ERA – 1.39 RATIO – 2 W – 5 Sv

The Rebels also received a 13th round pick in the 2003 Rotation Draft, which they used to select first base prospect Scott Thorman. Thorman didn’t appear in the majors until 2005, but by that time the Rebels had cut him.

The trade talks between the Rebels and Tenacious B were included in the portion of Trading the Gator dealing with trade talks. The section also includes the trade meeting between the Lambchops and Meisters mentioned above, as well as footage of the owners of the Six Packs and Tenacious B at a White Sox game, and thoughts on trades from a couple real life GMs. And Baseball Tonight’s Tim Kirkjian says he’s much too busy to play Roto.

Before we get to the video, a quick correction: the video the Fox-Jimenez deal is dated July 29. This was apparently a bit of creative license on the part of the Gator producers (or a mistake in labeling tapes), because the trade was officially reported on July 20.

And now, on with the show…

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