Thursday, July 11, 2013

The CFCL Front Office

We have talked a lot about the progression of technology through the CFCL.  All of the website ideas and advancements get firmly placed on the creative shoulders of David Mahlan.  Through his design we have used Forum pages to communicate, share ideas, trash talk, etc.  Another idea he had was to create the Front Office blog where the co-commissioners could post to keep the league apprised of news and information.  While it may now be a basic staple of the Internet world, David came up with this six years ago.

In its simplicity and obviousness is also its brilliance.  At the Front Office we post trades, deadline reminders, Winter Waivers, rule changes or reminders and yes, even one post titled Commissioner Screw Up.  Not surprisingly, the Commissioner Screw Up post came after David stepped away from the administrative aspect of the league and I took over the reins.

The brilliance, while simplistic, is that it’s an opportunity to communicate to the league all at once, and more importantly, have an archive of rules, ideas and such.  No need to search through old e-mail or hidden folders on your computer.  Simply stop by the Front Office and see what’s new or click on a link at the right and look at something old.

Here’s your chance to be a visitor to the Front Office.

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  1. Another benefit of the front office blog is that it uses a content management platform that published blog entries as RSS. Subscribing to that feed using my email client means that every entry comes to me as if it were an email. I don't even need to actively go check to see if there is news--it just comes to me automagically.