Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meet Morkertzuma's Revenge

Back in 2008 the CFCL was in need of replacing two retiring owners (Splinters and Meisters).  Fortunately this dude saw an on-line ad an inquired about joining.  Tim Morkert came to the CFCL with tons of fantasy baseball experience.  He quickly gained the respect of the league by, among other ways, being consistently elected to the Executive Committee - a committee which handles rules interpretations and other league business.

Each year the Revenge steadily advanced up the standings, having placed 3rd the last two years.  In 2011 they held on to first until the final week of the season before the Ruffins put on a hell of a charge to take the title.  When we examined the end of the 2011 season it turns out the Revenge could have held on to the title if they had properly activate . . . wait for it . . . Brad Lincoln.

Below is a wonderful Q&A with Tim, but before we get to that, we have to share this hidden piece of history.  Not many people know that when Tim married his wife Denise, the thing that won her over was his side job.  Tim, at the time, was touring the country in a Brooks & Dunn cover band.  Tim, as you can see below, was Ronnie Dunn.

 For even more background information on Tim, you can click his team profile here.
Tim is absolutely one of the modern pillars of the CFCL, even if he doesn't have the guts to bid ".50" on Hanley Ramirez (in 2011).  And now it's time to meet Morkertzuma's Revenge.
You are currently involved in at least two fantasy baseball leagues.  The CFCL and one based in San Francisco CA.  How long have you been in the other league?
My other league, WHIFFLe (Wasting Hours in Fruitless Fantasy Leagues), started in 1993.  I’d been introduced to fantasy baseball a few years before and a few college buddies and I figured we could do this on our own.  Twenty years later, the league is as strong as ever…
What similarities are there between that league and the CFCL?
Lots of similarities.  Both leagues are NL only.  Both use an auction on draft day.  Active rosters are set up the same way.  Ten current, knowledgeable owners.
Any major differences?
I haven’t won a CFCL Championship!
Nothing compares to the intricacies of the CFCL.  The preparation to go 17 deep in the reserve draft more than helps prepare me for our 5 man reserve.  The contracts are also quite different.  My other league tacks on $5 to keep a player another year, with 4 years being the most anyone can be kept.  The $5 applies to minor leaguers as well, making it more difficult to grow a team as you can in the CFCL. I could go on and on with the differences in rules (but won’t bore anyone).
What’s your team name in the other league?
The Chicago Politicians.  My way or the highway!
How did you come to join the CFCL?
After moving back to Chicago from the Bay Area, I really was hoping to find a local group to join in fantasy baseball.  I found an ad online (Fantasy Baseball Café?) and was drawn in by the impressive history.  Sent back an email and was thrilled to be asked to join.
What is your perception of the CFCL now (2013) compared to when you joined (2008)?
I’m (a bit) less overwhelmed now.  Learning the ins and outs of the CFCL continues to be a fun, and great challenge.  I have more of an understanding and appreciation for the great history of the CFCL.  I don’t think another league like the CFCL exists anywhere.
With two consecutive 3rd place finishes, is the Revenge about to be the new dominant team of the CFCL?
Ha!  After the Revenge’s epic collapse a few years back, I will take nothing for granted…and assume nothing.  The baseball IQs and competition in this league is fantastic.  I’ll keep scrapping and fighting and hope that one year, the baseball gods will smile upon the Revenge.
In your “other” life, you’re a teacher.  Are there any skills that you have to use as a teacher that are the same as a fantasy baseball owner?
Now that is an interesting question.  In my classroom, I’ve got 23(ish) unique entities.  Each has their own personal strengths and weaknesses, that I must figure out how to best bring out.  There are days where I wish I could do an add/drop with a few of my adolescent boys! 


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