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This Week in CFCL History

Here’s a look at this week in CFCL history, covering the dates July 14 to July 21.

July 14, 1987 CROCKETTS trade Jim Lindeman to BALD EAGLES for a waiver choice.
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July 14, 1987 COPPERFIELDS trade Doyle Alexander and Glenn Davis to CROCKETTS for Dave Dravecky and Nick Esasky.
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July 14, 1987 COPPERFIELDS trade Fernando Valenzuela, Lance McCullers, Chuck Jackson, Matt Williams, and Dwight Smith to DEM REBELS for Ron Darling, John Franco, and Mike Schmidt.
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July 14, 2004 BY KENNEN trade Lance Berkman, Nick Johnson, and Randy Wolf to COPPERFIELDS for Khalil Greene, Juan Rivera, Brandon Webb, and Felix Pie.

July 14, 2004 TEDDY’S SPLENDID SPLINTERS trade Endy Chavez to COPPERFIELDS for Daisuke Matsuzaka.
Proving the age-old adage that a matsuzaka in the bush is better than an endy in the hand, the Splinters roll the Dice-k… 

Matsuzaka didn’t end up leaving Japan for American baseball until the 2007, but the Copperfields had selected him with their 16th pick in the 2004 Rotation Draft. Midway through the season, the Coppers were in need of steals and the Splinters were willing to gamble that Matsuzaka would someday end up with a National League team. 

Daisuke actually changed hands a couple of times after this … still before he came to the US. The Splinters held onto him for a couple seasons, then waived him during Winter Waivers before the 2006 season, and he was re-claimed by the Copperfields.  

History repeated itself when, almost 2 years to the day, the Copperfields traded him back to the Splinters on July 13, 2006. 

In this game of international hot potato, the Splinters came up the losers, as they were holding Matsuzaka when he signed with the Red Sox.

July 14, 2005 COPPERFIELDS trade Matt Holliday, Michael Bourn, and Josh Anderson to DA PAUL MEISTERS for Billy Wagner.
Wow – the Copperfields pay big time for half a season of a closer … the Meisters get Holliday at .05 as a keeper going into his breakout season and Bourne, also .05, on a minor league contract.

July 14, 2006 COPPERFIELDS trade Juan Pierre, Omar Vizquel, and John Mabry to RUFFINS for Jeremy Hermida, Ronny Cedeno, Ian Stewart, and their 6th and 9th round Rotation Draft picks in 2007.

July 14. 2006 DEM REBELS trade Roger Clemens and Scott Eyre to RUFFINS for Brandon Phillips and their 16th round Rotation Draft pick in 2007.
A Draft Day gamble by the Rebels pays off. When the 2006 season began Roger Clemens was an unsigned free agent. There were rumors that he was going to retire (again) but also that he would sign with a team during the season. The Rebels took a chance that he’d come back with a National League team and used their 1st round Rotation Draft pick (the 3rd pick overall), to select Clemens. 

Clemens eventually signed with the Astros, but by the time he made he debut, the Rebels were out of it. They sent Clemens to the Ruffins and picked up a bargain-priced (.07) Brandon Phillips, who put up a great season for them in 2007 (309 TB, 107 RS, 94 RBI, 32 SB).  

The Ruffins made out alright as well, as Clemens provided 10 QS and 2.31 ERA, helping them to the 2006 CFCL Championship.

July 14, 2006 DEM REBELS trade Ryan Freel to KENNDOZA LINE for Matt Kemp and their 13th round Rotation Draft pick in 2007.

July 14, 2006 DEM REBELS trade Aaron Rowand and their 14th round Rotation Draft pick in 2007 to GRAGING BULLS for Felix Pie and their 8th and 13th round Rotation Draft picks in 2007.

July 14, 2010 DOORMATTS trade Tommy Hanson to REVENGE for Michael Bourn.

July 15, 1986 BALD EAGLES trade Alan Knicely to DEM REBELS for Steve Lake.

July 15, 2003 STONES trade Jim Edmonds and Brian Banks to LAMBCHOPS for Corey Patterson and Dave Kelton.

July 15, 2003 DOORMATTS trade Mark Kotsay to LAMBCHOPS for Chris Burke and Carols Duran.

July 15, 2005 COPPERFIELDS trade Wily Mo Pena, Wilson Betemit, and their 4th and 8th round Rotation Draft picks to HOT SLUDGE SUNDAE for Cliff Floyd, Omar Vizquel, and Derek Lowe.

July 15, 2008 REVENGE trade Brett Sinkbeil to CANDY COLORED CLOWNS for outfielder Luis Gonzalez and infielder Rich Aurelia.

July 15, 2008 RED HOTS trade Johan Santana to KENNDOZA LINE Chase Utley.
A huge deal at the time – one of the league’s premiere pitchers for one of the premiere hitters, with salaries to match: Santana was at .43, while Utley was earning .53. 

When this deal was announced, it was widely hailed in the league as an ideal value-for-value trade … a rarity at the time of year when stars were often being dumped for prospects. Those good feelings lasted about a day…

July 16, 2008 KENNDOZA LINE trade Johan Santana, Russell Martin, Albert Pujols, Kaz Matsui, Randy Winn, Jorge Campillo, Luis Ayala, and David Riske to STEVE’S STONES for Matt Kemp, Geoff Blum, Mike Rebelo, Tim Lincecum, Yovani Gallardo, Ian Stewart, Alcides Escobar, and Pedro Alvarez.
The reaction to this deal was as swift and negative as the reaction to the deal Kenndoza Line had made a day earlier was positive. There’s a bit of a backstory to this one that we won’t go into here, but watch for a dissection of this one coming soon…
July 16, 2009 COPPERFIELDS trade Prince Fielder, Dexter Fowler, Hong Chi Kuo and Brett Myers to RED HOTS for Chase Utley, Ryan Zimmerman and Javier Vazquez.

July 16, 2009 COPPERFIELDS trade Emmanuel Burriss and Chris Iannetta to DEM REBELS for Ted Lilly and Miguel Montero.

July 17, 1990 COPPERFIELDS trade Rick Parker, Jerome Walton, Jay Bell, Keith Miller, Craig Biggio. Jeff Parrett, and Andujar Cedeno to BALD EAGLES for Ron Jones, Barry Larkin, Eric Yelding, Mike Lavalliere, David Cone, and Darryl Kile.

July 17, 2001 GO-GO trade Chuck Smith and Vladmir Nunez to LAMBCHOPS for Ugueth Urbina.

July 17, 2004 TEDDY’S SPLENDID SPLINTERS trade JT Snow, Eric Milton, Darren Driefort, and Glendon Rusch to STONES for Phil Nevin, Josh Fogg, Dave Burba, and Scott Service.

July 18, 1989 LAMBCHOPS trade Geronimo Berroa and Rick Aguilera to PICKS tor Oddibie McDowell, Dennis Cook, and Scott Garrelts.

July 18, 1989 LAMBCHOPS trade Dennis Cook and Jose Uribe to RUFFINS for Andy McGaffigan and Kevin Elster.

July 18, 1989 COPPERFIELDS trade Rolando Roomes, Jeff Treadway, Benito Santiago, and Eric Show to PICKS for Dave Magadan, Glenn Davis, Nelson Santovenia, Tom Browning, and their 1st round Minor League Draft pick in 1990.

July 18, 2000 LAMBCHOPS trade Rick Aguilera and Dmitri Young to GO-GO for John Snyder, John Roskos, and Angel Echevarria.

July 18, 1995 DEM REBELS trade Curtis Leskanic and Jeff Kent to FORGOETZ ME NOTS for Delino DeShields and James Mouton.

July 18, 2004 RESERVOIR DOGS trade Jason Kendall and David Wells to LAMBCHOPS for Brad Lidge.

July 18, 2004 RESERVOIR DOGS trade Mark Cameron, Ryan Klesko, Craig Counsell, John Buck, and Steve Kline to RUFFINS for Johnny Estrada, Eric Valent, Brian Bruney, and Jason Stokes.

July 18, 2009 CANDY COLORED CLOWNS trade Jake Fox, Ramon Hernandez and Ronald Belisario to KENNDOZA LINE for Emilio Bonifacio, Elijah Dukes, Laynce Nix and Lou Marson.

July 19, 1988
COPPERFIELDS trade Roger McDowell, Shaun Hillegas, and Brad Brink to DEM REBELS for Jim Deshaies, Jeff Pico, and Danny Cox.

July 19, 2003 COPPERFIELDS trade Ryan Klesko to LAMBCHOPS for Octavio Dotel.

July 19, 2004 TEDDY’S SPLENDID SPLINTERS trade Cliff Floyd, Chris Capuano, and Dave Burba to COPPERFIELDS for Edwin Encarnacion, James Loney, and Andy Sisco.

July 19, 2004 DOORMATTS trade Luiz Vizcaino and Felix Hernandez to COPPERFIELDS for Nick Johnson and Mike Remlinger.

July 19, 2004 DEM REBELS trade Odalis Perez to RUFFINS for Dan Miceli.

July 19, 2008 MO’S RED HOTS trade Brandon Phillips, infielder Cesar Izturis, Austin Kearns, and Ryan Madson to CANDY COLORED CLOWNS for Ken Griffey Jr, Aaron Rowand, third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff, and Jeff Samardzija.

July 20, 2002 DEM REBELS trade Andy Fox to TENACIOUS B for Jose Jimenez and their 13th round Rotation Draft pick in 2003.
The consummation of this deal was captured for posterity as part of the filming for Trading the Gator. You can see it in the clip posted here.

July 20, 2011 DEM REBELS trade Jose Reyes to REVENGE for Starling Marte and their 4th round Rotation Draft pick in 2012.

July 21, 1998 LAMBCHOPS trade Tyler Green and John Frascatore to SLACKERS for Shane Reynolds and their 2nd round Rotation Draft pick in 1999.

July 21, 2003 SIX PACKS trade Jeff Bagwell, Jason Kendall, Tomo Ohka, and Braden Looper to TENACIOUS B for Mark DeRosa, Brian Schnieder, Randy Wolf, Justin Speier, and their 2nd round Rotation Draft pick in 2004.

July 21, 2010 RUFFINS trade Anibel Sanchez, Julio Teheran, Edgar Renteria and their 8th round pick to GRAGING BULLS for Ryan Franklin and Hideki Kuroda.

July 21, 2010 CANDY COLORED CLOWNS trade Bryce Harper, Ronald Belisario and their 3rd and 13th round Rotation Draft picks in 2011 to GRAGING BULLS for Hanley Ramirez, Mike Pelfrey and their 5th and 15th round Rotation Draft picks in 2011.

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