Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The CFCL Owners of 2004

Pictured from left: [Front Row] Paul Zeledon (Da Paul Meisters); Rich Bentel (Dem Rebels); Nick Hansen (Nick's Picts); Eric Lamb (Lambchops); Teddy Scott (Teddy's Splendid Splinters); [Back Row] Kenn Ruby (By Kennen); Steve Olson (Steve's Stones and eventual 2004 CFCL Champion); Matt Grage (Hot Sludge Sundae); Jason Grey (Reservoir Dogs); Matt Bentel (DoorMatts) David Mahlan (David's Copperfields); [Not pictured but represented by the skinny white microphone, David Holian (David's Ruffins).

2004 saw a couple of firsts.  The Stones captured the first of their two CFCL titles.  This was also the first year for both Kenn Ruby and Teddy Scott.  Kenn named his team "By Kennen" before changing it the following year.  "By Kennen" doesn't make sense?  Well if you are a "Seinfeld" fan and specifically enjoy George Costanza, it does.

We were again able to draft in the Oak Brook training room, complete with technology that allowed us to communicate with the remote drafting Ruffins.

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