Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meet the DoorMatts

2013 marks the 20th year for the DoorMatt franchise.  They are the longest tenured team without a CFCL championship, although they came as close as you can come to winning.  In 2009 the DoorMatts finished in a 79-79 point tie with the Kenndoza Line, finishing second on tie-breakers.  The interesting thing that year, if memory serves correctly, was that the Line did a phenomenal job working the trade market to finish on top.  The DoorMatts made few (if any) trades and still tied for the top slot.  That can be viewed as "Wow, what would have happened if they had made a blockbuster deal?" or "Wow, that was one hell of a team coming out of the draft."

The DoorMatts have finished in the money a total of five times (three in the last five years).  It took a while to get Matt to join the league, but once he joined he's become one of the most passionate, committed owners the CFCL has seen - even if he's not on the message boards talking trash or voicing his opinion.  He's more of an Idea Man.

The DoorMatts are also the only team in CFCL history to have their team name incorporate, not only their name, but that of their spouse.  Happily married to the lovely Dorothy for 27 years this fall, Matt blended their most perfect union of almost three decades into a name that projected low expectations of the franchise's performance.  Admittedly, the DoorMatts should have received more love when I listed the Top Ten CFCL team names of All-Time.

Matt's passion for baseball and the Cubs, while perhaps is not un-paralleled, is certainly rampant and some of that is shared in his Team Profile.

It's now time to Meet the DoorMatts.

You joined the league from an invitation from your cousin, Rich.  How many years did he nag you to join before you relented?

I certainly wouldn't call it nagging, he knew I was a big baseball fan and thought I would enjoy it. I recall us talking about it on trips we would take to Wrigley once a year in the late 80's or early 90's. I think the only thing that kept me from doing it earlier was having three kids in the space of two years and having bought a "new" home that required at lot of work. I also had just moved up to a new position at work that was taxing.

You named your team the DoorMatts, but you had a stretch run from 2006-2011 where you finished in the money four times.  What do you attribute to that success?

I'd love to say it was just my brilliance, but it probably had more to do with luck. I have a friend at work who, from the beginning of the franchise, took an interest in the team and would offer suggestions. By about 2000 he was really a co-GM. We made an effort to really scout the minors to build up some sort of farm system. We also made a couple really good trades around then.

Four years ago your sons joined the league running a team together.  What has it been like competing against them?

It's been very enjoyable because I know they are also big baseball fans so they love the league for the same reasons I do.

Have you provided advice or did you push them out of the nest and let them fly?

I try to stay out of their way. In the beginning I answered a lot of question about the rules and procedures, but I stayed out of trying to tell them how to run their team. And really what could I offer them?  I'm the owner of the longest streak of futility in the league.

What has been your biggest enjoyment of being in the CFCL?

I love the daily stats. It's the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at before I go to bed. I also love finding minor leaguers and watching them develop.

What’s your biggest frustration?

I hate not having any control of the way my players are used in real baseball. I've had players who do well when they play, but for some reason the manager won't play them every day. Some guys must be total douche bags, because they put up nice numbers, but they lose their jobs to some guy hitting .200. I know we all hate managers who keep our starters in too long, or bring our closers in, in non-save situations.

You have been known to wax eloquent about the virtues of Draft Day.  What are your thoughts as Draft Day nears each year?

It's the best time of the year. Spring is here, or at least right around the corner. Baseball season is about to start. And after a long, cold, dark winter I will soon have a new team to follow every day. My Co-GM and I plan our pre-draft meeting where we sit around and talk about all the stellar players we're going to draft, and how this is going to be our year.

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