Monday, July 15, 2013

The Dangers of Live Scoring

David has written recently about how our stats were calculated by hand and then snail mailed out to the league, allowing us to try and make trades and transactions based on standings that were at least two weeks outdated.

Eventually technology came into our life as the Internet progressed and David's discretionary time dwindeled.  (Side note - According to Josiah Barlett there are three words that start with "dw".  Dwindle is one of them - care to name the other two?)  So we had to figure out where to go to advance into the 20th century. 

After much research and comparison we chose TQS stats.  Their low fee certainly was an incentive, but they also had eye-appealing reports and web pages.  So we used them for a few years.  It was AWESOME!  We were able to see our standings on a DAILY BASIS - can you get over that?  David didn't have to enter stats from the newspaper any longer.  All he had to do was make any roster changes which was still a lot of work, but not as much as crunching numbers.

Eventually TQS either went out of business or changed owners who drove the site into the ground.  So we moved on the CBS Sportsline.  The offered all of what TQS did PLUS "LIVE UPDATES".  You want to check the divorce rate or "family disconnect" of fantasy owners?  You can trace any results directly to LIVE SCORING.  For those of you unfamiliar - Live Scoring allows you to see your team's production AS IT HAPPENS (with a five second delay).  Not only that you can also see standings in real time as well.  Live Scoring has allowed us to watch the pennant race change, literally, every few minutes in the final days of the season.

CBS wasn't as attentive to us when we had customer service issues so we looked around and for which is turns out is run by some of the same people that ran TQS.  OnRoto gives us daily updates on our players, gives us a message board to trash talk and post polls as well as LIVE SCORING.

It's informative, it's easy for us to enter our moves and it's addictive.  And it's here.

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